Kanji Dōjō

Memorise kanji by writing it

Kanji Dōjō is an app to practise writing Japanese kanji. To practise, write on our phone screen or tablet screen or laptop's touchpad with our finger or with a stylus. Kanji Dōjō is a web browser app; there is no need to download from App Store / Play Store.

We don't have to write perfectly beautiful kanji. The objective is to repetitively write. The tactile experience of repetitive writing helps us memorise better than just looking at flash cards. For each kanji, hints are available if we forget the pronunciation or the strokes order. And link to external dictionary is also available.

The practice is grouped into lists according to JLPT level (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test). Start at N5 and progress to smaller N.



Kanji list: Jonathan Waller's JLPT Resources, CC BY. So far, only N5 and N4 kanji words.

Dictionary: Jisho.org.

Strokes order: Ulrich Apel's KanjiVG, CC BY-SA 3.0.

SVG to PNG format conversion: ImageMagick.

Javascript library: Fabric.js for the canvas box to write the kanji.

Icons: Bootstrap Icons.

The app uses a smattering of Go, HTML, CSS, and JS.